Monday, 8 October 2012

The Real Thing by Catherine Alliott

I'm sad to say that I didn't finish this book. I got about three quarters of the way through it and decided to give in because it was becoming a bit of a chore to read and I thought that life's too short! The main issue that I had with this book is that I hated the main character. She had nothing about her which I liked. She almost seemed to think it was ok to have an affair and she had very strange morals. And even though she kept denying that she would ever go back to Patrick, mostly because she was married, it is quite obvious that she was going to by the end of the book. In fact, I didn't like a single character in the book, and I didn't like most of the storylines. It was a shame, because this book had a lot of potential, and I've enjoyed all of the other Catherine Alliott books that I've read before. Therefore I give this book 2/10.

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