Monday, 30 December 2013

Wish Upon a Star by Trisha Ashley

I absolutely loved this book - I just couldn't put it down. Cally was a heroine I totally loved and admired as her love for her little girl Stella shone through. Stella was perhaps the cutest little girl ever written, with her love for Sylvanian Families and observations of the world (perhaps she was a little too wise? But I still loved her). Jago was my kind of hero - a genuinely nice guy who had no intentions of pursuing Cally but slowly fell in love as their friendship blossomed. There were some brilliant quirky characters that were fun to read about, such as Cally's mother and Mrs. Honey. I also enjoyed reading about characters from previous Trisha Ashley novels. And I loved how so many things revolved around cake, although this did make me hungry! The book wasn't altogther that Christmassy, as it only came towards the end of the book, but it was still a wonderful read. I give this book 10/10!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Finding Home by Roisin McAuley

This was such a lovely Christmas read and featured some great characters. The main two women, Louise and Diana, were very loveable and Henry, the main love interest, was definitely my kind of man. Rebecca was a character who I didn't warm to, especially when the twist is revealed regarding her ex-boyfriend. The setting was perfect and I just wanted to go and see Wooldene Hall. Overall, I give this book 9/10.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A Mistletoe Kiss by Katie Flynn

This was such a lovely read, even though the synopsis wasn't really accurate and the so called 'mistletoe kiss' wasn't until about three quarters of the way through! It was the characters which really made this book, namely Agatha and Hetty. Their friendship starts in a most unlikely way, but blossoms into something beautiful that makes you wish you were a part of it. I loved how Agatha meets her love interest, Max, and how their love grows. Hetty's love interest, Gareth, was not so impressive, though. He is made out to be a bit pushy and the way they get together at the end is far too fast and random. The whole book came to a somewhat abrupt end, as if it should have gone on a few more chapters. However, I did enjoy reading it, especially life in the library and on the canal, two places which mean something to me. I give this book 9/10.

Friday, 13 December 2013

A Gift to Remember by Melissa Hill

This was a lovely Christmassy read and I really enjoyed it. Straight away I could relate to the main character in the story, as she has a love of books and works in a bookshop. Her dislike of technology and preference for staying in reading rather than partying really made me love her! And Bailey the dog was an excellent edition to the story. The story line was really clever and unravelled mysteries as it went along. I was always wanting to find out more and found myself saying 'just one more chapter'! There were several twists which I weren't expecting which kept the story intriguing. The ending was just perfect, too, and gave me that warm fuzzy feeling inside! I give this book 10/10!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

With Love at Christmas by Carole Matthews

I always think chick lits are great reads at Christmas time, and this one was perfect! In the first chapter, I wasn't so sure I was going to enjoy it, but after chapter two I was totally hooked and couldn't put it down. Poor Juliet has so much to contend with during the Christmas period that at first you just feel sorry for her. But the way she handles everything she comes across makes you admire her and love her. There were moments during the book where I actually laughed out loud and others that brought a tear to my eye. Juliet's family are absolutely crazy, from her pregnant daughter to her bi-sexual son to her mother who is starting to get Alzheimers. The other characters such as Lisa and Izzy, Merak, Robin and Samuel added some extra plots that pulled at the heart strings. Overall, it was a fun and lovely read, perfect for this time of year and I give it 10/10!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

A Week in Winter by Maeve Binchy

This was a lovely book and perfect for reading snuggled up on cold winter nights! It was a nice, easy read full of loveable characters. I loved the main premise of the book, which was Chicky's return from New York and her decision to open the Stone House hotel. Her story was sad but also uplifting as she managed to make something for herself. I liked how each chapter was a character(s) story who was a visitor to the hotel. Each story gave a background to the character and showed how the visit to Stone House made a difference to them. A classic Maeve Binchy, you get exactly what you expect and I love that. I give it 9/10.