Monday, 28 January 2013

Between a Mother and Her Child by Elizabeth Noble

This was a really lovely story, a heart lifting one which shows the journey of grief. It is tinged with some really sad, heartbreaking moments and lots of wonderful characters. As I got to know the characters, I learnt to love them more. Kate was my absolute favourite character. At the start, she had a couple of small chapters that seemed randomly placed and a little confusing. But once she became part of the main story, it all began to make sense. The relationship between the two sisters - Maggie and Liv - was lovely to read, especially as Liv began to live her own life more as Kate appeared. The book seemed a bit lengthy, and as I was about three quarters of the way through I thought it could all be wrapped up, but the rest of the story made it even better. I give this book 10/10.

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