Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Mother's Wish by Debbie Macomber

What irritated me most about this book was that I didn’t realise it was two shorter stories in one, as this was not obvious from the synopsis. I probably would not have decided to read it if I had known beforehand. However, I did enjoy Debbie Macomber’s style of writing. The first story, ‘Wanted: Perfect Partner’, was a bit of a disappointment. I loved the idea behind this story, and when I started to read it, I really got into it. At first, I loved the main character, Meg and I loved the storyline of her daughter and Steve’s sister getting them together with romance ads. However, the story was slightly ruined for me by the fact that I hated Steve and I hated what Meg became because of Steve. She became needy and pathetic and he was grumpy and rude to her. Their desire seemed to be mostly sexual and their constant falling out irritating. It felt like a bit of a chore having to finish this story and I was glad when I finished it. The second story in the book, ‘Father’s Day’, was so much better. I loved the main character, Robin, and her son, Jeff. Jeff was so adorable and his love of dogs was something I could relate to! The love interest, Cole, was a much better prospect than Steve in the previous story, and you could see his love for Jeff and Robin develop over time. This story was much harder to put down than the first.  Therefore I give the book on the whole 6/10.

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