Sunday, 22 April 2012

Promises, Promises by Erica James

This was a very enjoyable read. I felt very engaged with two of the main characters, Ella and Maggie, and felt like I was cheering them on throughout the book. Ethan, the third main character, was a little harder to connect with, for me. I'm not sure if it was because he was a man, or his lack of morals, but I found it hard to feel empathetic towards him. I didn't really like his plot, and his pursuit of Ella, and I wasn't too sure they should end up together. Maggie was a totally different story. Although I generally find myself getting annoyed with characters that have affairs, because I felt so connected to Maggie, I was happy when she found a man so much better than her husband. All the characters you were supposed to hate were easily dislikeable, and were very funny at the same time. Maggie's in-laws were particularly comical, especially Brenda and her dog. I always wanted to know what was going to happen next, which is a good sign with a book. Therefore I give it 8/10.

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