Saturday, 16 June 2012

A Rural Affair by Catherine Alliott

I've loved reading most of Catherine Alliott's books, but this one was a little harder to get into than the others. I think the main reason was that I didn't like the main character, Poppy, at the start. She was a very bitter, angry and depressed person at the beginning, which is understandable in her situation, just something I didn't feel too comfortable reading. However, after about half way through the book, the story picked up for me. Poppy's character drastically changed for the better, and the plot was more attention-grabbing and made me want to read on. I loved finding out all the twists in the plot, for example when Jennie finds a positive pregnancy test in her bathroom, and about Hope Armitage's link with Sam. So although I felt the book got off to a bad start, it did make up for it by the end. Therefore I give this book 6/10.

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