Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Village Vet by Cathy Woodman

This book was an enjoyable read, but it wasn't one of Cathy Woodman's best. It was lacking something, but I can't quite figure out what. The plot was exactly the type of thing I love to read about, with an Animal Rescue Centre set in a countryside village. But I think the problem was that I didn't quite warm to the main character, Tess. I felt there was no need for her to take her fiance up the aisle and then to decide she didn't want to be with him. And the romantic interest, Jack, lacked a certain sparkle. It seemed strange that one moment Tess didn't like Jack in the slightest and the next minute she was head over heels in love with him. It should have been a more gradual process. However, I did enjoy reading about other characters, such as Libby and the committee members. And I loved reading about the animals, from Buster the dog, to Dolly to pony, to the baby birds. And as I got towards the end of the book and the action got quicker, I did find myself enjoying it more. But the one thing that still puzzles me is why the book is called 'The Village Vet', when Tess is not a vet and it isn't based in a veterinary practice. However, overall I give this book 6/10.

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