Sunday, 13 November 2011

To the Moon and Back by Jill Mansell

I really enjoyed this book. I immediately felt connected to the main character, Ellie, and felt for her because of her husband's death. Even though conjuring up her husband in her mind and having conversations was a little strange, it was her character's way of dealing with his death and it made me sympathise with her. I didn't feel so connected to the character Roo. Firstly, the name is a bit of a strange choice, and secondly her circumstances of being with a married man were a lot less easy to sympathise with, as was her methods of repenting for her past actions. At first I liked Todd's character but I did not like his storyline as it progressed, especially how he acted towards Roo. However, the main storyline which revolved around Ellie was really enjoyable to read, as was the sub-plot involving her father-in-law, and the style of Mansell's writing is easy and pleasant to read as always. I give this book 8/10.

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