Monday, 8 July 2013

Perfect by Rachel Joyce

I was really disappointed with this book, especially after hearing such good things about Joyce's debut novel. I found it really hard to get into the story, forcing myself to read on and hoping it would get better. The last 100 pages were a definite improvement and I started to want to find out what would happen. However, this was majorly overshadowed by the fact that I just wanted to finish the book so I could start another. The main problem for me was that I did not feel connected to any of the characters, except perhaps I felt a bit of empathy towards Jim. The story was very slow going and not much seemed to happen for a long time. And there was so much mystery in the story, it left me confused rather than wanting to find out more. The idea of the extra two seconds being added to time was excellent, it was just poorly executed. It was such a shame, as I had been looking forward to this book. I give this book 3/10.

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