Friday, 23 December 2011

Last Christmas by Julia Williams

I really enjoyed this book because it felt warm, festive and delivered a nice Christmassy message. There were ups and downs for all of the characters throughout the book - as in real life - and because these characters were so loveable, I found myself hoping things would work out for the best. The village that the book is set in (Hope Christmas) sounds idyllic, and the various characters found within it were well written and charming. Ralph Nicholas was a particular favourite because of the mysteriousness behind him. The only negative I have to say about this book is some of the names chosen for the characters, such as Cat Tinsall, Noel Tinsall and Gabrial North. It seems a bit of a cheesy way to make the story more Christmassy, but I don't think it needed this touch. However, other than that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I give it 9/10.

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