Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A Summer Fling by Milly Johnson

I quite enjoyed this book once I got into it and got to know the different characters. Each of the main characters were loveable and had some twist to their story. Raychel's was particularly surprising and helped me to understand her character better. My favourite characters were those who were with awful men but managed to overcome these and move on, showing their strength as women. Grace was perhaps my favourite, as you could see how much she loved her children and how much she had to go through in order to allow herself to follow her head and heart. Probably the only character I did not like that I was supposed to was Vladamir Darq because of the whole 'vampire' idea surrounding him, which seems to be a strange craze at the moment. I do not think it is particularly attractive in a man, and there were too many cliched jokes about him. Other than that, though, I generally enjoyed this book. I give it 8/10.

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