Saturday, 18 June 2011

Recipe for Disaster by Miriam Morrison

I quite enjoyed this book. I really liked the character of Jake, who I felt I knew very well from the stories told from his past and all his thoughts and feelings. I don't usually like male narrators but this was done very well. The story was also told from the viewpoint of Harry and Kate at times. Harry was a brilliant character to hate, as all his thoughts corresponded with his evil actions, so it was easy to dislike him. However, I didn't feel as attached to Kate as I should have done. I couldn't really sympathise with her that much when she couldn't come clean to Jake about being a journalist instead of a waitress, and I felt he forgave her far too easily. Also, when he banged his head and temporarily forgot who she really was, it was difficult to tell when and exactly what he remembered. Other than that, I liked the storyline and the style of writing. I give it 8/10.

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