Friday, 14 February 2014

The Glass Lake by Maeve Binchy

I'm still not sure whether I liked this book much or not. I didn't actively dislike it - but I felt it was a bit of a struggle to get through in parts and certainly not Maeve Binchy's best work. I felt like the first half of the book was a bit of a drag, and that too much of it followed Kit as a child and I would have preferred her to be a bit older for more of the book. The story line was really interesting, and I did feel sympathetic towards Helen/Lena although I did get annoyed by her ignoring Louis's faults. I loved the character of Sister Madeleine, but was really disappointed with the way her story ended. I must say, though, that about three quarters of the way through the book did start to get gripping and I finished the last part quite quickly. But overall, I give this book 6/10.

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