Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Ballroom on Magnolia Street by Sharon Owens

When I picked this book up, I wasn't sure I was going to like it because of the synopsis on the back. However, the story wasn't that much like the synopsis at all! There were hints on the back of the book that suggested that Kate was going to hit on Johnny Hogan and this seemed strange. However, she actually intended the double wedding to be with Kevin McGovern. The entire way through the book I was thinking 'When is she going to leave Kevin and go after Johnny?', but she never did and I was glad about that. The synopsis also suggested that Johnny got involved with his newly-discovered son's wedding, when he didn't even go! But despite the fact the story didn't really match the synopsis, I did really enjoy the book. I really liked the characters of Marion and Eddy. At first Sharon annoyed me a little bit but I grew to love her. Kate annoyed me almost the entire way through, but her character needed to be this way to show how she changed towards the end. I give this book 7/10.

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